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"Melody Makers" Singing Club & Workshops

"Find your Voice"

Available for KS1, KS2 and KS3 

Singing is a wonderful way to help build self-confidence, social skills, and good communication.

"Find your Voice" is a diverse workshop that will provide every child the opportunity to develop their singing skills, have a deeper understanding about vocal health and techniques that will really enhance and develop their own voice as they sing and share their favourite songs. 

  • Developing Singing Skills
  • Music Theory
  • Improvisation with Song
  • Songwriting 
  • Understanding rhythm and much more!

School Choir

"We Will Shine Together"

Working together is an important part of music, singing with a school choir is a fantastic opportunity to bring everyone together and enjoy being part of a team.

There are lots of interesting and exciting new songs to share.

If your school needs a choir then please ask for further details.

Ask for further details about - Group Sessions and Individual Session and Prices, Complete the form below:

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Address 1:

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