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KAREN P SCOTT - BA(Hons) Music, MISM, Arts Award Advisor, Kindermusik Educator, KCC Music Teacher, Freelance Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Illustrator/Author.

Enhanced DBS checked

Full Public Liability and Employers Insurance

"I believe in making learning for children fun as well as educational, harnessing their own imagination and creativity through the use of storytelling, song and music which is my passion."

For me, running music sessions, workshops and teaching is a passion. I enjoy communicating, engaging and igniting opportunities to reach each child individually. Unlocking and inspiring their creativity, building self-confidence and awareness. Working extensively with children with SEN, I found that How to be a star  is a great medium to access and be inclusive. 

Promoting core values and helping children to understand the world around them and their own role within it is key to helping them feel safe and responsible in their own environment and community. Using traditional techniques of old of  storytelling through song and a myriad of creative activities. How to be a Star TM Educational Learning Resource enhances and extends curriculum requirements, thus making it an exciting and unique tool for sharing. Great for home education online, in a classroom and all possible educational environments.

How to be a Star TM - Is an Educational Learning Resource Tool which embraces creative learning to its full. A Story/Song series, developed whilst working with many children over the years.

Each Story/Song is unique, original and inspirational. Specifically written and composed by myself to reach all and be inclusive. All the children and different age groups and classes I have worked with have enjoyed the different creative learning experiences we have shared.

I have aimed to fully embrace how the children engage, respond and learn and have included what they love throughout the various themes available.

As a Freelance music teacher with a 1st Class (BA Hons) in Commercial Music.  I have been running music sessions and Storytelling since 2008, and have had the pleasure of working alongside many professionals in various settings.

I have worked for a local Kent based Music School, a varied number of local primary schools, pre-school, nurseries, summer schools and run independent Music Groups for Parents and Toddlers, Workshops and Clubs in schools, in the community and festivals.

In the early days I worked for Kent County Council as a freelance music teacher and then further trained as a Kindermusik Educator which focuses on introducing music to babies and pre-school and KS1 children and SEN.

As a mother of two with a child with special needs myself, I have worked with many children with special needs and became overwhelming inspired to develop a Unique Creative Educational Resource Programme that was inspirational, accessible and inclusive which is why I have written - "How to be a Star TM".

I wanted to provide a platform for dyslexic, autistic and all areas of SEN to be included alongside other children, through the medium of song, music and arts. Learning through song and multi sensory learning is interesting, expressive and a fun way to learn for all involved.

How to be a Star TM - Workshops, After School Clubs, Music Group Sessions and individual tuition provide all SEN children with an opportunity to develop further their communication/language skills, reading, music, singing. An original tool for creative learning progress and therapy.

Enhanced DBS checked, Full Public Liability and Employers Insurance Member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians. 

Arts Award Advisor for Trinity College London.

BA (Hons) Commercial Music

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