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"A magical journey to stardom!"

Unique, Inspiring and Creative

'How to be a Star'TM - Story song collection and workshop series offers a variety of themes and topics. Delivered through the medium of music, song and storytelling. A magical creative learning experience for everyone!

Music and Singing

Raising Environmental Awareness





  • Multi-sensory, immersive and interactive (by choice) a perfect creative learning platform.
  • All Workshops are designed to be fun and educational at the same time, they are inclusive and suitable for children with SEN(D). 
  • Through the mediums of storytelling, singing, music, movement and performance each child can experience a myriad of creative activities and lots of opportunities for child led projects and provide opportunities to explore, engage and be inspired.
  • 'How to be a Star' TM Collection of story songs and workshops are best experienced as a series - providing the perfect journey to stardom! 

  • Story songs/workshops can also be experienced stand alone to with a variety of topics that compliment and enrich existing themed learning or projects and flexible to suit all your needs.



Online Teaching

Group Sessions

1-to-1 Sessions

Lunchtime or After School Clubs Available

Bespoke Music Programmes for your schools and nursery are available upon request


Please ask for details

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