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'How to be a Star'

A journey to stardom!

"Fun for everyone, unique and inspirational, 
creative learning through
music, song and storytelling" 

'Learning through song'

Music & Singing

Creative Learning





Environmental Awareness

Mindfulness & Wellbeing

Curriculum aligned (UK)


'Learning Through Song'


'How to be a Star'™ 

  • A Story Song collection supporting learning through music and singing and creative activities.

  • Multi-sensory, immersive interactive storytelling, music, singing enriching creative learning with variety of themes and topics available.​​ 

  • Focuses on developing the whole child, inspiring imaginations, exploring and encouraging, building self-confidence and wellbeing. ​

  • ​Engages a positive creative learning experience providing a flexible and adaptable resource to suit a child's needs. 


  • Suitable for aged 2+ years and SEN(D)



Subscribe to access:

  • Story Songs - Animated singalong songs

  • Online interactive learning videos- (enriching learning with music, singing and creative activities)

  • Educational Resources - for schools, home and SEN(D) literacy skills easy read books and much more...

Based in Kent

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