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Mission Statement

"Tell me and I'll forget
Show me and I'll remember
Involve me and I'll understand"

With our ever changing world, “How to be a Star” has been specifically developed to encourage and raise awareness in core values and global issues.   These values and issues affect each and every one of us in our everyday lives, whether we are young or old.  

The need to educate children and individuals, enabling understanding is paramount for the success of a healthy balanced world.  The need for us to become global citizens is essential and the ethos of the “How to be a Star TM” Educational Resource Programme provides a inspirational platform for new ideas, creative expression, confidence building for every individual that takes part.  

Exploring and understanding our world around us, conservation, global topics, evolving everyone as a group and uniting our ideas to make a difference. 

With this philosophy I believe we can ensure a brighter future for generations to come - the choice is yours.

K P Scott

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