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How to be a Star TM
is an Educational Creative Learning Resource
For Pre-School, KS1 and KS2

Workshops to enhance your lesson plans, assemblies, festive events and projects. 

Musical and Creative Learning providing an experience of educational fun for everyone.

"Learning Through Song"

"Tell me and I'll forget
Show me and I'll remember
Involve me and I'll understand"

Enriches and Extends National Curriculum Criteria
Raises Awareness, Creative Learning

Arts and Crafts

  • Music, Playing and Instrument and  Music Theory
  • Singing and Performance
  • Storytelling - Drama and Role Play
  • Cultural Arts
  • Personal Growth and Self Awareness
  • Core Values
  • Global Citizenship Topics
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Environmental Issues/Responsibility
  • Community
  • Multi-Cultural Diversity


There is substantial evidence of the effectiveness of music in aiding learning. For young children in particular, music can be extremely valuable in enhancing personal, social and educational development. 

Working along side professional teachers, parents and the children, all the Workshops offered form part of a series of topics.  Each workshop is unique and original.

Specifically developed to enrich and enhance EYFS and KS1, KS2 - SEN learning in a creative way.

How to be a Star, Workshops - "Learning Through Song" provides the perfect platform for for any children to experience, learning in a creative, multi sensory way. 

Our Aim 

The "How to be a Star" team always aims to provide an inspirational and positive experience for all involved.  We understand how important it is for every child to have the opportunity to shine in their own unique way. We aim to build confidence, within a team work frame, we encourage every child to express themselves and contribute.   Language and communication skills are given every opportunity to develop and flourish.

Providing a unique creative learning platform, our workshops enhance and extends national curriculum criteria, cross curricular creative learning either at home education, nursery, pre-school or primary school.

We have been providing high quality Workshops since 2008 and have extensive experience in working with children with SEN also. 

Our hands on individual and personal approach to learning creatively ensures every session is all inclusive.

Our experienced and fully trained team have over twenty years experience between them in working with children in Pre-School and/or Primary School environments - either as teachers, assistants and SEN helpers. All staff hold an enhanced DBS checks and are fully insured with Public and Employer Insurance.

Choose from our wide selection of Workshops we offer  - ask for details

45 minutes Storytelling/Song/Music - 35 Children
60 minutes Storytelling/Song/Music - 35 Children
90 minutes Storytelling/Song/Music - 35 Children


world happy

Music Workshops

Melody Maker and His Marvellous Band

Dynamics, Rhythm and Beats
Real Musical Instruments
Theory and Much more!

Comprehensive Music Workshop
Storytelling/Song/Music/Drama - Workshop 
35 Children, 45 minutes
 Workshop Creative Learning Curriculum Based Education


Educational Resource Programme

  • A unique creative learning resource that is a very flexible tool for learning for each child.

  • Wonderfully colourful and interactive this resource has been specifically developed to enrich educational topics, projects, assemblies, festive events at your school or nursery.

  • Through the mediums of song and storytelling, music, drama, movement and a myriad of creative activities and various child led projects, the children explore and learn all about the topic of choice.

  • The series of story/songs and Workshops all compliment the other and can be experienced in any order or just stand alone -  flexibility to suit all needs.

  • All our Workshops have also been proven to be very suitable for children with Special Educational Needs.

  • Available is a wide variety of topics which are taught through the mediums of original song, storytelling, music, drama and creative activities. A multi sensory approach provides the perfect creative platform and inspirational experience for everyone involved.  

  • A fun and educational experience for everyone.

  • Workshops,Group Sessions and Clubs

Workshops - can  be used as a pivotal component to launch any school’s  ‘Cultural Citizenship, Environmental/Green Themed Week’

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