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How to be a Star - In the Beginning
The Journey to Stardom Begins
(Workshop Week Programme)
(Eco School Awards Programme)

Meet the Stars
Introduction to the "How to be a Star" Educational Resource Programme
(Workshop Week Programme)
(Eco School Awards Programme)

Star Light
Space, Solar Systems, Planets and Star Constellations
Cosmic Extravaganza

Oceans Blue 
Saving Water, Marine Life, Conservation, Environmental

In The Rainforest with Bobo
Exploring the Rainforest, Conservation, Environmental
Endangered Species Around the World

We are as One
Biodiversity Nature, Habitats and Cultural Awareness

The Sun and Light, Science 
Healthy Living and Growing Vegetables, Menus and Baking

Come Outside and Play
Lots of Snow, The Poles and Polar Bears

The Seasons
Learning all about the Seasons
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Learning all about the Water Cycle and the Weather
Environmental Affects and Concerns

How to Make Rainbows
Colours that Shine Bold and Bright
A Colourful Explosion and Rainbows Galore

Self Awareness and Confidence Building
Cultural Awareness

Music Workshops

    Melody Maker and His Marvellous Band
    Comprehensive Music Workshop
    Dynamics, Rhythm and Beats,
    Real Musical Instruments
    Theory and Much more!

    Melody Maker - Sing a Song Writing Workshop
    How to write songs, composing and sequences
    Developing Singing Skills
    Recording Studio
    A song written by and sung together with the Children

    Multi-Cultural Workshops 

    Rainbow Skies
    Exploring various ancient and new Cultures and Customs
    from around the world. 

    Music & Musical Instruments from around the world.

       Culture Club Workshops
    Culture Club -  After School Club

    Together with Culture Village

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