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9:15 - 10:15am

Parent and Toddler 
Music Sessions

St Lawrence College - Junior School Site
College Road, Ramsgate

Pre-School Music
Original, Educational and Fun

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  • "Musical Bears"  Music sessions provide your child with a wonderful opportunity to experience a rich sensory musical journey.

  • Each session focuses on developing the complete child helping them thrive in every way. 

Parent & Toddler 

Educational fun, friendly and relaxed environment  
a great way to experience music.....


5 - 8 years
start 10:30am - 12:30pm 

An introduction to musical education with a multi-layered creative learning approach - suitable for ages 5 - 8 years, limited spaces available as the groups are small for a more focused learning, sessions are specifically to your child's needs and areas of interest. 

  • Rainbow Studio provides a cosy studio space where your child can take part in a structured session which focuses on musical activities, singing, try out real instruments, creative learning to introduce music as a whole. 

  • Music theory at child level suitable for their age, musical dynamics, styles, music in different cultures and much more.....  

  • A introductory foundation in musical knowledge perfect if your child wishes to progresses onto an instrument or vocal studies and grades. 

Groups are small so if your child prefers this, these sessions are ideal and very suitable for SEN children too.
Please ask for details and discuss your child's requirements.

Educational fun, friendly and relaxed environment  
a great way to experience music.....

Why Music Matters?
The benefits to your child experiencing the magic of music in their early years has been proven to be the best thing you can give your child.  By providing a solid musical foundation your child can move naturally into music instruction and will develop a lifelong love of music.  Music stimulates many learning skills your child needs to encourage a happy and confident child.

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  • Rainbow Children Music Group sessions combine unique songs with traditional songs, music & movement, rhyme and storytelling, lots of original material only available at Rainbow Children Music Groups - guaranteed you will not hear ours songs anywhere else!

  • A happy musical environment and experience is created at Rainbow Children Music Group.  We aim to encourage every child to enjoy a musical experience with each session.  At the same time we aim to help develop language, motor skills, social skills, cognitive development and emotional growth all in a fun and educational way.

  • A combination of unique songs and traditional songs  provide the perfect platform for a relaxed, fun and educational session every time.

  • There is no pressure for your child to join in if they are shy or not used to groups, absorbing and interacting with each activity in their own way will help to build confidence and social skills in a group situation, giving them important skills they will need as they move into nursery and primary school environment later on. 

We look forward to you and your child(ren) joining us!

Please call or email your details and book your FREE TRIAL SESSION

Tel: 07905526805 

Pre-School, Nursery or Toddler Group
If you wish to hold a Rainbow Children Music Group Session or Workshops at your Pre-School, Nursery or Toddler Group, then please contact via email or phone 07905526805 to arrange a free trial session.

We can help design a musical programme specific to your requirements.  We are also happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have and explain our wide range of other workshops topics that are so available - see WORKSHOPS.

"How to be a Star TM "
For PRE-SCHOOL and Nurseries
Environmental Music Workshops
Music, Storytelling and Crafts

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Pre-school Child - EYFS
"How to be a Star - Pre-School" is a Unique Musical and Educational resource programme. Workshops for Pre-School children. 

Together we will explore a wide range of topics at child level.

Extending and enhancing EYFS curriculum requirements:  

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Environmental Topics:- Rainforest, Oceans, Polar Bears etc
  • Core Values
  • Citizenship
  • Self Awareness
  • Confidence Building  

Please Call Now To Book Your Free Trail Introductory Session

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