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How to be a StarTM

Eco School
Educational Resource Programme
house[1] (2)
Enriches and Extends National Curriculum Criteria
Raises Awareness
Eco School Methodology
Fund Raising

Environmental - Conservation 
Cultural - Citizenship
The Workshops and Eco School Resource Programme can be used as a pivotal component to launch any ‘Environmental/Green or Cultural & Citizenship themed week’


Eco School Award
How to be a Star TM  
For Pre-Schools and Primary Schools working towards their Eco School Award.

This exciting innovative programme covers many of the key topics that are required to achieve and obtain an
Eco School Award - 

Eco-Schools Programme
Key Topics

1.   Energy
2.   Environmental Review
3.   Biodiversity
4.   Eco-Code
5.   Healthy Living
6.   Linking the curriculum
7.   Litter
8.   Global Citizenship
9.   Water

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