"How to be a Star"  - Music & Creative Workshops

"How to be a Star"
Music & Creative Workshops
Environmental and Educational Resource Programme
Specifically developed for EYFS and Key Stage 1

Original, Unique and Inspiring

"Tell me and I'll forget
Show me and I'll remember
Involve me and I'll understand."

We offer individual or a series of Workshops that will take the children on a magical journey to becoming Stars in every possible way.  The Workshops provide an amazing, unique creative learning platform that enhances and extends national curriculum criteria.  "How to be a Star" Resource Programme, Workshops and Clubs have been specifically developed to raise awareness in various topic areas covered:

Global Citizenship Topics
Core Values
Environmental Issues/Responsibility
Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Personal Growth
Multi-Cultural Diversity

Workshops, Sessions and Clubs That Benefit Everyone

Music & Creative Workshops
Multi-Cultural Workshops

Music Sessions
Drama Sessions

After School Clubs and Lunchtime Clubs
Culture Club
Conservation Club
for EYFS and Key Stage 1 

Fund Raising
"Support Your School or Cause
"Use "How to be a Star" Workshops to raise funds for your Conservation Projects, Music Projects/Programmes
"How to be a Star" can be used as a fund raising platform for Events, Clubs, Nursery or School that needs some inspiration and original material for:

  • Assemblies
  • School Productions
  • Performances
  • Musical Concerts

"How to be a Star" Resource Programme

Enriches and Extends National Curriculum Criteria
Raises Awareness
Creative Learning Platform
Fund Raising

Workshops - can  be used as a pivotal component to launch any school’s  ‘Cultural Citizenship, Environmental/Green Themed Week’

Eco School Award
Bronze, Silver and Gold Flag 

"How to be a Star" - working towards your Eco School Award for Pre-Schools and Primary Schools

Star Light "Joining Together"
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