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How to be a Star TM

Our Mission Statement

"Tell me and I'll forget
Show me and I'll remember
Involve me and I'll understand"

Since 2008 How to be a Star - K P Scott, has provided musical and creative learning for babies and toddlers, pre-school, KS1 and KS2 with exciting, educational fun and interactive activities.  

Unique and specifically written and developed to ensure all inclusive learning for every child. 

  • Enriches and Extends National Curriculum Criteria
  • Raises Awareness
  • Creative Learning Platform

How to be a Star uses unique and original Storytelling and Songs that provide the basis for a musical and creative learning tool, all inclusive for SEN.

Workshop and all our sessions have been proven to be a great success with SEN children -  Dyslexia, learning development, speech and language development, autism. 

All Workshops and sessions have been developed to enrich and enhance your child's creative learning experience. 

We provide - Workshops, Clubs, Group and class sessions and one-to-one tuition. 

Suitable for children of all ages, starting from Pre-School, KS1, KS2, SEN. 

Jenna and kids Kingsdown

Original, Unique and Inspiring

How to be a Star TM
The Complete Series provides an inspiring
Educational, Musical & Creative Learning Resource

"Learning Through Song" 

How to be a Star 
Educational Resource is a unique creative learning resource and flexible tool.  It has been specifically developed to enrich educational topics, project, assemblies or can also be used as a tool for learning English.  

  • The Story/Song Workshops available offer a wide variety of topics which are taught through the mediums of original song, storytelling, music, drama and art. 

  • A multi sensory approach provides the perfect creative platform and inspirational experience for everyone involved.  

  • All our Workshops have also been proven to be very suitable for children with Special Educational Needs. A fun and educational experience for everyone.

  • Through the mediums of storytelling, song, music, drama, movement and a myriad of creative activities and various child led projects, the children explore and learn all about the topic choice.

  • The series of Story/Song Workshops compliment the other and can be experienced in any order or just stand alone -  flexibility to suit all your needs.

A Musical and Creative Experience and Journey to Stardom!

  • Storytelling, Drama Workshops
  • Song and Movement
  • Singing & Performance Workshops
  • Music and Theory Programmes
  • Art Workshops
  • Environmental Workshops
  • Multi-Cultural Art Workshops

Taylor made Music Programmes for your Projects
Lunchtime or After School Clubs Available:

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